Infusing Spirituality & Crystals Into Your Skincare Repertoire

Our skin is our shelter. We choose to take care of it, decorate it and treat it to the occasional expensive treatment. Who are we doing it for? At the end of the day, when our skin acts out or is less than perfect, displaying; acne, dryness, eczema or scars, our confidence and our souls can suffer. I learned this early on in middle school and high school. I painted a layer upon layer of makeup in order to cover up what it is I was really feeling. Being a 12 year old immigrant girl in a new environment, lacking English speaking skills or the culture of what the typical American 12 year old has experienced, made me feel self-conscious. After all, who was I now that I moved across the ocean? A question I still occasionally struggle with today? I grasped onto reading and spirituality. Today, I still enjoy exploring and asking the big questions in life – What is the purpose of life, why are we here, what lessons do I have to learn? While I no longer seek the approval of others or cover up due to lack of self-confidence in my beauty, I do believe nature, wellness and self-care have helped me take my mind off of over-thinking.

I simply cherish the physical part of me with self-care, and as a result my spiritual self becomes at ease. Combining beauty and spirituality, my two favorite subjects, has allowed me to seek out skincare that does more than just anti-aging. It’s a physical and spiritual ritual. Slow beauty that helps us feel mindful is no great trend, but if you seek to be more present, it is something you should be trying.

SCENTBIRD Capsule Mask Collection

Sure, masking could be considered mindful, but finding a mask collection that taps into nature’s natural rhythms is like finding money. Scentbird’s capsule collection incorporates a unique crystal in each mask. The earth’s magic ingredient is crushed in, giving it extra healing properties. How is that for holistic skincare? Get the whole set and multi-mask to the max. It is hard to pick a favorite, but my combination to dry skin calls for a Black Onyx Warming Detox Mask for day and a Moonstone Hydrating Sleep Mask for night.

Pure Mana Hawaii Soul Serum & Vitality C Eye Serum

Pure Mana Hawaii uses hand-pressed organic oils (from ingredients grown by the brand Founders), but there is another special ingredient added to these soulful elixirs. Crystals. You will find that the Soul Serum revitalizes, moisturizes, awakens your skin, and enhances your soul with creativity and imagination. The reason for this is Citrine crystals, added to each bottle in order to help blend the oils and stimulate your soul. Pure Mana’s Vitality C Eye Serum uses Garnet crystals to help balance protective and passionate energies. This stone is also known as the stone of health. This is Pure Mana’s gift to us, from their soil to our soul. The crystals are of course just a cherry on top of a very effective skincare line.

Face Rollers are nothing new, but they sure have lasting power. Whatever type of stone (just make sure it is genuine) you choose, a good face roller helps your skincare absorb a lot more effectively. When used properly, roll downwards on your neck, and from middle outward, face rollers help with lymphatic drainage. It works the same way as a massage from your favorite aesthetician. My favorite way to prep for this ritual it is by chilling it in the refrigerator. It helps my skin feel more energized and even helps reduce a painful migraine. The mindful routine itself is worth the purchase.

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