Cultivated Wellness, Take A Mental Health Day

Black & White Photography by Edward Weston, courtesy of Taschen

From the moment you wake up, to the moment you drift off to sleep, making time for your wellbeing is a decision we all struggle with. This is our love letter in defense of the “Mental Health Day” – a day where you focus on you and decide to do whatever it is that makes you feel well. It is not a secret that mental health is still very misunderstood. Studies have a long way to go before there are better treatments and anti-stigma campaigns. We are advocating for taking a mental health day and we hope you advocate for yourself as well. After all, suffering from depression or anxiety can be a disability. Spending time on self-care should not be looked at as a luxury, especially when it stands between you and your wellbeing. Maybe you are not a sufferer of mental health issues, maybe you are just having a tough week. No judgments here. We say, take a day if you need to. You can’t pour from an empty cup. That’s a fact.

We are forever on a journey of finding wellness. Whether it is through exploration of spas, treatments, nature retreats or skincare, but sometimes you just want to stay at home. We rounded up ways to relax and practice self-care that is all about blissful relaxation.

Moodbeli Bliss Booster – Explore Ancient Tonic Botanicals & Yummy Drinks

Morning wellness routine can help with structure and comfort. This is especially true when the routine tastes like chocolate. Since we got to know Moodbeli’s Bliss Booster, we just can’t stop putting it in our morning coffee and oatmeal. It makes a sweet and natural treat. The cayenne-spiked raw cacao ingredient provides a pleasant and unique taste, while the maca root blend helps you perk up. Our mood is instantly spiked, in a good way. Think of it as a natural mood elevator. On days when even one day at a time seems too scary, try one small healthy action at a time.

Moodbeli does recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any herbal products.

OLVERUM Bath Oil – Become a Spa Beauty Devotee

According to scientific studies, being near water is good for our mental health. The next best thing to the sea, is a bath soak. The benefits of water therapy are endless (better sleep, blood circulation, heart health, muscle pain relief, better mood, and more). It is no wonder that soothing the mind and body with a tranquil bath is one of the top ways to practice self-care. When it comes to at-home spa products, we know what we are talking about. OLVERUM’s divine bath oil makes the cut. This special brand has a rich history of wellness. The Founders of OLVERUM, Franz and Edith Klein, understood the therapeutic effects of spa and spa products. Their natural creations gained a cult following and it is easy to see why. The Bath Oil smells like a herbal remedy. Putting it in your bath is sure to restore and calm you, so you can feel like yourself again.

Headleveler pillow – Seek Comfort

Stress and depression can have uncomfortable physical effects, such as lack of sleep and muscle pain. When we stress out, we hold tension in our shoulders, neck and back. Relieving that physical tension can feel really zen. Imagine laying down on a pillow that is meant for proper sleep and is made-to-measure. Sleep and relaxation play one of the most important factors in your mental health and that makes the Headleveler worth your investment. The hypo-allergenic pillow is custom-made to your sleep and relaxation needs. We tested the Headleveler for should pain relief, sleep, even for better sitting posture during meditation. The dreamy pillow test was a success in all three. Their website helps you figure out the ideal pillow for you; depending on your height, weight, mattress type and preferred sleeping positions.

plusOne – Invite Pleasure Into Your Me Time

Healthy sex and masturbation are a natural part of life, yet it is rarely described as self-care. With the right partner, sex can improve your health – physically and emotionally. It is a real mood elevator. So is masturbation. This is why PlusOne brings affordable and quality toys to the masses (available at Target, Walmart and on Amazon). Their simple, yet effective, soft body safe silicone line of products will not only wow you but might help you realize how sexual wellness plays a role in your overall wellbeing. We always say that the pleasure of spas and wellness should not be a luxury, reserved for a privileged few. We feel the same way about different kind of pleasure. What better way to spend your me-time than with a personal massager. Looking for your first toy? The Personal Massager, Vibrating Bullet or Dual Vibrating Massager could be it. Did we mention they are waterproof? We are proudly keeping these massagers in our self-care arsenal.

NOTE: As always, seek out a professional doctor for your mental and physical health needs. None of these opinions or suggestions are meant to be used as medical advice. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, call 1-800-273-8255.

Full Moon Beauty, Self-Care For Your Inner Moon Child

Do you own a telescope? Do you ask questions like: “Why are we here?”, “What possible mysterious can we find in the universe?” and “How can I get an even closer shot of the moon?”, then you might be a moon child. If you are drawn to the moon and its natural power then you most likely pay close attention to the lunar calendar. Tonight’s Harvest Moon, started Friday the 13th however it reaches peak fullness this weekend. So look up! Whether you are gazing at the moon or plan on practicing self-care, the magnificent sight of the full moon teaches us to stop and pay attention to the beauty of our universe. That’s mindfulness.

Enjoy this moon inspired round-up of out of this world beauty products to accompany you in your quest to be present.

  1. No one can argue that clinical and spa beauty provides the best results of ultimate skincare glow and health. Farmhouse Fresh Moon Dip Back To Youth Body Mousse smells and feels so luscious that I hope I never reach the end of its glass jar. As a well-known face and body oil aficionado, becoming obsessed with a body cream speaks volumes. I became aware of Farmhouse Fresh products at this year’s iSpa press preview event. The scent is indescribable and the texture light as a cloud. It is fluffy, anti-aging, magical perfection. The kind of cream your body deserves every night, but especially on a night of the full moon.
  2. This lift-from-within glow product, made exclusively by Scentbird is your ideal sleep mask for nights when things might get spiritual. The Moonstone Hydrating Sleep Mask contains crushed moonstone crystals. Once applied, you might feel like an otherwordly goddess. What are the benefits you say? Besides a radiant glow, the mask is pillow-proof and hydrating, but the real result is supple skin worthy of a moon goddess.
  3. Full moon worshipers are all about the bath soak. Water is therapy, it relaxes the mind and the body. Spa and bath culture of the past has had this therapy right all along. What better way to nudge the relaxation process than with Himalayan sea salts. Whatever kind of bath soak you choose to take, always pay attention to ingredients. Whatever you put on your skin, absorbs into the bloodstream. If you love Himalayan salt rooms and lamps, you already know the benefits. Way of Will Himalayan Salt is harvested from ancient salt beds in Nepal. Combined with essential oils, this muscle soak allows for circulation and sore muscle relief. A real at-home spa experience.
  4. 3rd Ritual MOON botanical body lotion is exactly what you might expect from the name – it is botanical skincare tool for better a self-care ritual. Using Moon means to savor and truly feel the moment between the time you end your day and slip into quiet slumber. Think of it as a charcoal mask for your body. Carefully selected ingredients, such as; evening primrose oil, activated charcoal and moonstone extract, make this product different and well-thought-out. Activated charcoal gives the skin a matte finish, instead of shiny or oily, helping draw out any bacteria. Use when you are ready to slow down and soothe your skin or on your clean skin after exercise.

8 Best Toxic-Free Face Oils To Keep You Glowing During Fashion Week

Hello New York Fashion Week! Keeping your skin healthy while juggling a busy schedule can seem like a daunting task, but the trick to a youthful glow is to keep a powerful serum on hand. Here are our best picks for face oils we known work all day long and provide the kind of radiance you desire. The best part? They are free of nasty chemicals so you can breathe easy and do your job.

Immunocologie Face Serum Oil

Milèo New York Maroc D’azur The Face Plumper

The Organic Skin Co. Honeysuckle and Turmeric Face Oil

Beauty Editor, Paulina Kajankova

Pure Mana Hawaii Soul Serum

Boscia Rosehip Omega Face Oil

Anda by Kerstin Florian Vitalessence Serum-Oil

MyChelle Advanced Argan Oil

Kosas Tinted Face Oil

Cultivated Beauty: Get To Know Pure Mana Hawaii

If we learned anything from this year’s beauty talks and discoveries, it is that the green beauty industry still has a long way to go. Finding a truly ethical and organic brand is like finding a needle in a haystack. If there is one farm to face skincare brand that should be celebrated this year, it is Pure Mana Hawaii. Nature provides us with all we need to be beautiful and nature is at the core of this brand. From growing, to pressing their own carrier oils, the Founders have their hands in every part of the process. I am a big fan of the passionate women behind this splendid skincare line. I met Sue Mandini and Kollette Stith in 2017. Their story and skincare has captured my heart. In their own words, Pure Mana Hawaii is their gift – “from our soil to your soul”. Find out what makes this brand special and worth the hype. Read on for our Q & A.

In today’s world of fast everything, I would describe your skincare line as slow beauty. The luxury that your brand represents is not vain, it is sensuous and poetic. When was the pivotal moment when you both decided it was time to make skincare?

Together, we took a 3 day hike through the Haleakala Crater, Maui.

At the peak where you are able to view Maui’s sister, the Big Island, was our pivotal moment. Something within us ignited a deep spiritual connection to the place that nurtures, sustains, heals and protects us and our families. 

At that moment we saw the Big Island as the guiding star in perfect alignment with our vision to share the bounty of the healing “āina” (land) that we were both so much a part of. We went on this trip knowing we had precious ingredients to contribute to something greater but we didn’t know how, until this point.

During this time of our life we were focusing on our families, building our home and working the land. We were building a strong connection to the earth, which revealed a deeper understanding of life. We knew the importance of feeding our plants, our trees, our internal bodies, but the thought of feeding our skin awakened us to developing the purest skincare line we could find. 

What are the main ingredients that you work with and why are they important? 

The main carrier oil for all our products is organic macadamia nut oil. I am constantly impressed by how quickly this oil absorbs into your skin and never leaves a residue. It is the best anti-aging ingredient due to its high amounts of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and more importantly, essential fatty acids.  

Macadamia nut oil, because of its almost perfect blend of fatty and essential fatty acids replenishes not only the elements of the lipid barrier lost with time, but also feeds the skin what our bodies do not naturally produce. We believe our skin instinctively assimilates this vital nourishment and pulls in all the goodness. When others first witnessed our skin glowing from daily use of this oil, we knew we had “hit oil”.

We also grow, harvest, pulp, and press our own organic Kona green coffee oil. Again, the only certified organic Kona green coffee oil produced in the USA that we know of. This bean produces a green aromatic oil; the embodiment of the energizing life force of Hawaii. It is pressed while it is raw rather than roasted. In addition to caffeine, this results in high levels of phytosterols, essential fatty acids and chlorogenic acids. The caffeine is useful in improving circulation to the skin, plumping fine lines, reducing puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. The phytosterols are known to help improve the skin barrier after inflammatory environmental stressors that can damage the outer layer of skin.

Tell me more about your farm, the process, and how long it takes to make a batch of your skincare? 

Our tropical sister farm is Mahina Mele Farm, located on the fertile rich volcanic soils of the Kona Coast on the Big Island. We are the ONLY certified organic macadamia nut oil and green coffee oil processors that we know of in the US. Mahina Mele primarily grows macadamia nuts and Kona coffee but there over 50 varieties of tropical fruits and vegetables all over the land. Once the macadamia nuts are hand-picked, then husked, it takes about a week for the nuts to dry in their shell before cracking. Once cracked the nuts are washed, hand-sorted and dehydrated for 3 days at low temps to maintain their vitality. The nuts are then ready to be pressed for oil and allowed to settle and age. Once ready, our oil is then pulled through an additional filter to remove any impurities resulting in a cosmetic grade oil. Every step in each process is done by hand and with great care. The labor intensive processing produces a pure oil that has over a 3 year shelf life. We use gourmet nuts to produce a gourmet oil for your skin. This entire process takes about two months. 

Once our oils are ready for formulation, the time in the lab is much different. The elixirs are blended, tested and ready to be bottled and boxed in about 1 week. We are both involved in every step of the way and sometimes we bring in help from our children and friends to make the production line go a little faster. 

How did you decide on the host of four products and what are the best ways to work them into a skincare routines?

We decided to launch Pure Mana with our moisturizing line that truly represented the mana we nurtured in our products. These products delivered a sense of luxury and deeply stimulated the senses even before they are applied to skin. We have witnessed our consumers excitement and testimonies to the effectiveness of these powerful oil, so we decided to make our mark with these pilar elixirs.

Every morning I wake up to 4 pumps of Radiant Glow and warm it in my hands. I take a deep breath then massage the oil into my arms and chest. To complete my morning ritual, I run my fingers from my moisturized hands through my hair for quick soft glow. If I feel dry from the previous days of environmental stressors I will apply Soul Serum and Vitality C in the same way as I do in the evening.

Every evening after I cleanse my face I massage 1 pump of Soul Serum to my decolletage and face avoiding my eye area. Next, with one drop of Vitality C, I gently pat this delicate serum under and the sides of my eye area with a finishing touch on my lips. 

Purity Boost is a spot treatment or booster to your existing moisturizing regimen. It is also a great alternative for people who are undergoing medical treatments and are sensitive to essentials and botanical oils. Purity Boost is a gentle moisturizer for their skin. 

You are careful about sustainability and healthy ingredients. Why is this important to you, what certifications do you have and how hard was the process of making your products both effective and free of chemicals. 

We live and breathe an organic lifestyle and share that with our families and children. Using healthy skincare is just as important as the food we eat. We also ingest through our skin and what put on our largest organ matters most. We are not only certified organic growers but processors. Actually our methods are beyond the standards measurements of being certified organic. This is a costly and lengthy endeavour, but we value honesty and being able to inform the consumer that what they are purchasing is free of chemicals and grown with integrity. Our manufacturing values are clearly represented in our mission that the products we use to enhance our well-being should never, and need not, cause harm to people, animals, or the environment in the process of creating them.

What is your philosophy on wellness and beauty? 

We believe beauty is within and when you radiate true beauty from your soul, you are the most attractive being around.

However, it is important to feed your body the nutrients it need to sustain a glowing and vibrant lifestyle. Heathy food seems to be easily obtained nowadays, so right now the main objective in our busy lives is too incorporate more breath and mindfulness into a daily practice. In experiencing beauty, we love the way aromatherapy enhances our mood and embodies the essence of the botanicals.  Most importantly, we believe that wellness comes from being true to yourself, being your best self, and appreciating all that surrounds you. 

Sometimes daily we often get thrown curve balls that make us reevaluate our lifestyle. I attribute our low impact lifestyle for teaching us a natural flexibility that helps us adjust to the ever changing flow of the energy that surrounds us. In the end, it is all a state of mind and human beings have the ability to get really good at what they practice.

What makes your brand different from others on the market right now?

Pure Mana is a vertically integrated skincare company that is farm direct. Our motto is ”from our soil to your soul”®  I don’t know any other brands that are growing and pressing their own organic carrier oils. 

We designed our brand to be gender-free which means that men love it as much as women do.  Once the men start seeing the benefits of having healthy glowing skin they are instantly attracted to our brand. The look, feel, and smell of Pure Mana Hawaii appeals to all genders.  

Can you share any future goals?

This entire journey we have been self funded which means we can only grow as fast as we sell. Development is complete and we are ready to take off and know in the right hands much good can come to our brand. So our patience is a virtue and we are prepared to be discovered. Once we grow we will slowly introduce our tropical skincare line; complete with macadamia milk cleansers, mineral toners, tropical exfoliators, nourishing masques, and botanical haircare. 

We want Pure Mana to thrive so we can help other local farms become financially successful by providing them with the equipment to process different forms of rare and dynamic botanicals they currently grow. We will then buy these ingredients from them to be used in our skincare formulations. It’s a win-win. The Big Island has the capability to become completely sustainable. In the long run, we would love to contribute in any way we can towards this goal.

12 Best Finds From The Indie Beauty Expo

“The biggest highlight for me when it comes to IBE and BeautyX is always getting a chance to meet these beauty entrepreneurs face to face. They are the driving force behind this industry and every decision we make at IBMG aims to support them. It is so important to connect with brand founders in person- you get so much more out of that than you do by looking at a website or a brand deck. It was also such a treat to listen to Carol Hamilton’s conversation with our Claire McCormack during BeautyX– Carol is a legend and we were thrilled to welcome her back to BeautyX.” – Jillian Wright, Co-Founder of IBE

ANDA by Kerstin Florian

Everything Kerstin Florian makes is a home run. Spa beauty is known for its effectiveness and ANDA drew me in with their knowledge, as well as beautiful packaging.


Knours. understands that skin is associated with hormonal fluctuations. In order to create the ideal skincare line, this brand has collaborated with dermatologists, herbalists and tech experts. The results: clean beauty that is on a healthy skin mission.


OLVERUM is skincare with history behind it. We have an affinity for spa beauty and storytelling. This gorgeous line of oils comes from a family that believed in natural wellbeing and birthed the idea in 1931.


There are very few organic skincare lines that can say they have pioneered clean beauty. Erbaviva is from a farm to bottle kind of skincare line. Their line of products can be used by the whole family, including babies. This is brand you can trust and they have the certifications to prove it.

BLNCD Naturals

Beauty is all about rituals and inner, plus outer wellness. BLNCD’s Founders understand this and have created a luxury line of wellness products. The line includes CBD Oils, Body Care and Topicals. Their package and story was quite impressive.

Seaweed Bath Co.

The name says it all. Using the benefits of seaweed, the brand is naturally healing, especially for sensitive skin types. This line of products can be used by your entire family. We tried their shampoo and we are hooked.

hickey Lipstick

More than a lipstick! We can see this creation becoming a big deal. The colors are gorgeous and the packaging even more so. It’s all about accessorizing. We love that it is refillable, stylish and easy to take with you on-the-go.

Lucky Chick

Our search for the ideal matte and hydrating lipstick is over. The brand is made in New York and is free of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sulfates, and gluten. The artistic selection of lipsticks and lip glosses was enough to make us stop in our tracks.

Lord & Berry

Lord & Berry is a chic makeup atelier in Milan. Think of this line as your access to runway beauty. The professional formulation and quality leaves us wanting more.

Bra In A Box

Imagine the comfort of going braless? For those who loathe bras, the Bra in a Box is for you. The idea comes from traditional pasties. The improved version is reusable, thinner, made from solid silicone and lays flush with the skin.


When it comes to improving products meant for women’s health and the environment, we have a long way to go. Blume is surely doing their part. They have given us products that are sustainable, as well as easy to understand and use for teens.

The Hello Cup

Speaking of sustainable periods. The Hello Cup is said to be the world’s most comfortable menstruation cup, made from medical grade plastic from Germany. The concept is simple and safe. Use it instead of your tampon and save money in the process.

Vintage Finnish Sauna

Spa Therapy & Etiquette 101

Mastering the art of spa is easy and dare I say addictive. Spas are a respite for the body and the mind. From an early age, I have known that wellness is not and should not be a luxury. It should not be reserved for the privileged, but be made widely accessible to all who desire the healing power spa. The feeling of wellness in a lot of countries with deeply rooted rituals and spa traditions, such as in central Europe, is one of community. Spa living is easily accessible and appreciated on a regular basis. Bath houses and other water therapies are a place to socialize, exercise or slow-down. While growing up in Slovakia, I remember going to spas with my parents and being taught that health is more important than money. In the US, the understanding that spa is not just another word for a hot tub has gotten a lot more prevalent. The power of touch and hydrotherapy is very real and using them properly can enrich your life.

There is a misunderstanding that spas are just for relaxation. In fact, going to a spa impacts your mental and physical wellbeing. It is the very real therapies provided by spas that help with body aches, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, activate lymphatic drainage and release endorphins (the feel good hormone).

If you happen to be a spa virgin, have no worries. We have some spa tips in store. So let’s just dive in.

Hydrotherapy & How to Use It

Hearing “taking the hot and cold plunge”, but seem scary and extreme, but it is easier and feels better than you might think. The health benefits of what some call “contrast therapy” are well worth it. In Turkey, China, Finland and Russia, this type of hydrotherapy has been used for centuries. You simply transfer your body from very warm temperatures to very cold temperatures. The ritual can be done alone or with friends. In a lot of countries that use this type of therapy, it is a fun social activity. A hot sauna can be used can be used in place of a hot plunge. Moving from a hot to cold environment increases circulation. The heat helps soothe sore and painful muscles, and the shock of a cold plunge increases circulation, pushing nutrient-rich blood back to the body’s core. The cycle of the ritual activates the lymphatic system, allowing for detoxification. Do this a couple of times, and then allow your body to rest. Remember to drink water.

Hot & Cold Plunge Benefits

  1. Releases tension in your body
  2. Improves circulation
  3. Reduces inflammation
  4. Reduces muscle aches
  5. Improves your mood
  6. Energizes and then rests the body

Spa Etiquette & Essentials

Always bring a bathing suit, especially if you are going to a bath house or a day spa. Spa treatments, such as a facial or massage generally do not require a bathing suit. It is all about your comfort level and the type of environment that does the treatment. Most spas will provide a robe and slippers.

If you like a bit of a makeup touch-up after your day at the spa, make sure to pack any essentials. You can keep them in the locker.

Your body will be feeling euphoric after you leave the spa. You might like to consider comfortable clothing.

If you booked a treatment, arrive early. Not only is this polite but it will give you a chance to enjoy the spa’s amenities, such as their meditation room, water soaks, steam or sauna room and relaxation lounge.

Before you leave, do tip your esthetician or masseur. The front desk can provide you with an envelope. Before you leave, do tip your esthetician or . The front desk can provide you with an envelope.

For your safety, when encountering a new type of spa therapy. Read signs. Generally, spas will have signs explaining the type of plunge or therapy you are about to enter.

Please unplug. This cannot be stressed enough. Spas are a place of respite for a lot of spa goers. Do not use your phone. No one will want to hear your phone conversation or see you taking a million selfies.

Keep your voice down. Use your common sense and behave in a way that is respectful to everyone. While large day spas can be great places to go with your friends, there are designated areas where no talking is very much appreciated.

New York Brides: Everything I Learned From My Pre-Wedding Skincare Routine

It was a regular summer Friday in New York. My sister asked me to join her and her boyfriend at the Gramercy Park Hotel. He is a filmmaker and she said there is a video shoot happening in one of the suites. It just so happens that the Gramercy Park Hotel is one of my favorite places in New York. Of course I did not want to pass up on the opportunity to explore one of their lavish suites. I would be there! Little did we know that once we arrived, there would be a big surprise in store. My sister was engaged! After some tears and many glasses of champagne, my mind immediately dreamed up a wedding skincare routine.

Besides understanding the basics: staying calm, hydrating, using SPF, exercising and eating healthy, what you might not realize is that your skin will need as much attention as the wedding planning. Ok, so I was not the bride in this story, however, as the maid of honor my skin would need prepping just the same. When it comes to skincare, I am always ready to volunteer as a test subject. I advised my sister on the basic pre-wedding skincare essentials, sought my own dermatologist advice and the best places to get your facial prior to the big day. I picked up quite a few tips along the way. Here is what I learned.

You are engaged, now what? You have 1 Year To Go: Make your dermatologist and aesthetician appointment. You want to test your aesthetician to make sure they are right for you. Getting a facial a week before the wedding will make things a lot easier if you know the person and what they can do for you. Some dermatologists have aestheticians right in their office. For those with fussy, oily or sensitive skin, a medical facial might be the best way to go. Seeking help outside of your dermatologist’s office means that you should go to the best. This is my list of places I trust.

Rescue Spa 29 East 19th St (a place my sister chose for her facial)

Resort World Catskills, Crystal Life Spa (read about my experience) 888 Resorts World Drive, Monticello, Upstate NY

Joanna Vargas New York Spa 501 5th Ave

Face Gym Saks Fifth Avenue, Beauty on 2

Georgia Louise Atelier 114 E 71st St

The Red Door Salon & Spa 200 Park Ave S

For further help, I went to Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson. Here is what she had to say.

“Using SPF everyday will be the corner stone to looking and feeling great. I love ISDN Eyrfotona Actinica is it is a non-nano, elegant physical blocker with the addition of photolysase, which is an enzyme that helps repair DNA damage. So, it is not only protecting you from UV damage, it is also repairing past damage. Having a good regime or gentle cleanser, topical antioxidant, SPF and ceramide based moisturizer is key. Remember, everyone’s skin is different so work with your friendly, board-certified dermatologist to make a customized plan for you skin.

If you are considering having botox and or filler, a month out is the time or sooner. On average, it takes two weeks for botox to kick in fully, so you want to make sure things are perfect before the big day. I always have patients come in two weeks after their treatment for a follow up and, if needed, a touch up to make sure you look perfect. For filler, you can be swollen and or bruised after treatment, so you don’t want to do it too close to the big day.

Before the wedding: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Remember to drink plenty to water, and hydrate your skin from the outside. A hydrating mask once a week can be a great addition at this point.

On the day of the wedding, stick with your products, do not try anything new or add at this point!”

Look In My Bag For Tried-And-True Wedding Skincare Essentials

Drunk Elephant Beste™ No. 9 Jelly Cleanser – Gentle cleansers that will not irritate the skin are your best friend. Confession: This is the first Drunk Elephant product I tried and I am hooked.

These three peels/treatments helped make my skin extra glowy, bright and new before the wedding. I alternated using this trio one month before the wedding.

Circcell’s Fruition Brightening & Polishing Mask can be used on a frequent basis. It’s like a tropical harvest in a jar, leaving your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated. I have dry and sometimes sensitive skin, I used this product one once every two weeks.

Sanitas is known for their effective products and their Brightening Peel Pads have helped my skin get clear and radiant. I used them twice a week or when I saw any blemishes/dullness.

MyChelle’s Perfect C Pro Speed Peel is the strongest out of the three. This product has staying power. MyChelle has remained in my skincare arsenal for years. The peel is quick, your face will be red for a few minutes, and your skin will feel the softest it has ever felt. There is noticeable brightness, freshness and best of all, your makeup will glide on on a lot more smoothly.

I take my serums seriously. My skin is so dry I usually opt for face oils, and because I like to mix things up, I switch it up between Boscia’s Rosehip Omega Face Oil, Pure Mana Hawaii’s Soul Serum and Mileo’s Maroc D’Azur Plumping Serum. What I use depends on how my skin looks and feels. On the day of the wedding, I used Boscia and Mileo New York. I felt my skin needed comforting and powerful anti-oxidants. Pure Mana Hawaii is my daily serum and, over time, it has helped prevent and minimize any lines before the big day.

As soon as I found out my sister’s wedding would be a destination affair, I ran out and bought Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. There were no regrets. The last few months before the wedding, the mask has served me well as an overnight treatment and refreshing primer under my foundation. Today, I like to mix it with my foundation for a cooling feeling and a dewy look. Once I run out, I am ready to buy another.

Nighttime Routine. The week before the wedding I started using my Foreo’s UFO and the “Call It a Night” mask. Then I followed up with Babor’s Active Night Fluid. Babor’s ampoules are known to be stronger than any serum and I would have to agree. I found the combination of the two treatments helped me wake up with beautiful skin and it was the right skin prep for my individual needs. It should be mentioned that Foreo’s technology helps you cut down on your skincare routine time, so you can spend more time doing other things that matter, like sleep.

Don’t neglect your neck and décolletage. They will be front and center at your wedding, especially if you wear a dress that accentuates them. My motto is: Whatever you do for your face, do it for your neck and décolletage. This means, masking, serums and hydration.

On the day of the wedding, I mostly left my skin alone, but because I travelled and felt I needed a little extra glow, I reached for my Repêchage Brightening Miracle Mask With Laminaria Complex. This mask makes any dullness or hyperpigmentation go away. When it comes to your wedding, spa brands (such as Repêchage) are the smartest way to go.

The day after the wedding I rejuvenated with a fun and very effective gold foil leopard mask from Skin Forum.

Additional Product Tip: For really magical skincare results, ask your aesthetician about Biologique Recherche. Their exfoliants are a cult favorite among beauty editors and celebrities alike. They are well worth the investment for all skin types.

Mindful Skincare, Summer Beauty That Delights the Senses

Summertime beauty is an olfactory delight. Our receptors have been working overtime testing some of the most delightful scents in skincare and body products. We all have the ability to re-call a special scent from long ago, it is as if it’s etched in our memory. These finds can last way beyond the summer. Make your beauty routine memorable with this unique line-up of products that make us stop and be mindful.


With so many outdoor activities on the calendar, there just isn’t time for tedious face washing. Farmacy’s Green Clean cleansing balm is a soothing and easy way to not only clean your face, but to really get to the dirty stuff. It is known as the makeup melt-away cleansing balm for a reason. The efficient cleanser smells fresh without being overpowering. Just like a summer breeze, the light scent and texture is what makes the washing experience easygoing and pleasurable.


Everyday Oil blends are 100% plant-based and the the epitome of minimalism. Each botanical oil blend is a unisex multi-taster that can be used on your face, hair and body. Imagine a product that can be used as a face wash, makeup remover, moisturizer, beard and hair grooming product and more. Read about its many uses. The scents and ingredients (used in the Mainstay Blend) that stay with me are: Palo Santo, Lavender and Clary Sage. Clary Sage is especially important to me, as it has calming effects. Do not wait to try this clean brand. It will forever change the way you see your beauty routine.


Being a huge fan of Milèo New York, I was excited to finally try The Face Plumper. A powerful elixir (face oil) that can additionally be dabbed on as a summertime scent. The best way to describe the delicious luxury that Mileo New York provides, I went straight to the source. Matthew Mileo himself.

How long did it take you to find the most ideal ingredients for your oils and how did you pick them (especially for the Face Plumper)?

It took me about three years to settle on all the ingredients. It was like putting together a massive 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle into one pretty little package. There are so many ingredients to choose from, so it was hard to decipher what to use to and what to let go (such is life!).  I ended up making a checklist that would be the ultimate decider if an ingredient were to uphold my very high standards, and thus to be used in my formulas:  1. Must have been scientifically studied with effective results. 2. Can be produced through natural and sustainable means without chemicals or adulterations. 3. Deliver aromatherapeutic benefits for the skin and body. 4. Offer sensorial qualities that are a pleasure to use.  I know it sounds like an impossible mission but I was up for the challenge, and I happen to love puzzles.

An ingredient that really caught my eye was Japanese white camellia.  It’s quite expensive, and it is currently used in some luxury skincare products for moisture retention, but before that, it was traditionally used in Japan as an ancient beauty secret of the geishas who were known to have perfectly smooth and supple skin. – Matthew Mileo

It turns out, that the molecular structure of white camellia seed oil gives high skin penetrability, and makes it a powerful skin plumper. But because of its high cost, it’s usually diluted with other emollients to being only a small fraction of a skincare product, which wasn’t how the geishas used it for their soft, porcelain skin. In order to really reap the benefits of the white camellia, using it in a very high ratio on the skin, everyday, will give the best skin-plumping results. Maroc D’Azur contains 90% Japanese white camellia seed oil, organically grown, cold-pressed, and unrefined. And because it’s meant to penetrate the skin deeply, I added in another Asian botanical to enhance skin’s suppleness and protect it from elastic breakdown: Osmanthus blossom from China. Osmanthus is known as an anti-glycation agent, which means that it smoothes out the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin that get rigid from sugar metabolism, preventing skin’s youthful bounce and suppleness. 

On the surface of the skin, preventing inflammation and cushioning skin’s protective barrier is crucial for this puzzle-like formula to work efficiently. This leads me to my highlight ingredient for Maroc D’Azur, and inspiration for the name, Moroccan blue tansy flower.  Blue tansy naturally calms and comforts the skin, being rich in azulene which gives it an ocean blue hue that fundamentally makes the skin more resilient and resistant to dehydration (both environmental and hormonal). The beautiful blue is reminiscent of the blue-colored town of Chefchaouon in Morocco, close to where blue tansy is naturally grown, as it’s sweetly fresh scent breezes through the air. 

To round out an ideal skincare formula to plump, comfort, and renew the skin, is non-other than the brand’s remarkable ingredient, Oud. Oud comes from the Agarwood tree in Southeast Asia where it has aged for at least 100 years before being extracted.  This century-long aging process is essential for Oud to combat all signs of aging in the skin, as it repairs, regenerates, and protects skin tissue from cellular and DNA damage. 


Hydrating your skin in the summer can be tricky business. Look for non-greasy/light textures and hyaluronic acid. MyChelle’s Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Cream keeps you moisturized all day, plus it smells so fresh you want it to linger a little while longer. The scent is lighthearted and very “summer”. I prefer oils and tend to be picky with creams, however MyChelle’s hydrating cream has my attention. If that doesn’t convince you, you should know that nourishing your skin naturally, with high-performance ingredients, is what MyChelle does best. They are one of the first brands in the business to combine nature and science.

Conversation with Indie Beauty Expo’s Co-Founder, Jillian Wright

Jillian Wright is the kind of fairy godmother clean beauty brand entrepreneurs needed. The idea for the Indie Beauty Expo was born out of necessity and came into fruition in order to fill a gap in the beauty industry. The expo has made its debut in 2015 and has shown no signs of slowing down. As the Co-Founder of Indie Beauty Media Group (Nader Naeymi-Rad is the other half of the business), Jillian is doing more for indie brands than just the once a year expo presentation. IBMG produces the BeautyXSummit, an education platform, and is the publisher of Beauty Independent, bringing you top headlines in beauty.

Most recently, Indie Beauty Expo has become an inclusive fanfare, launching “Uplink Live”. The expansion bridges brands with solutions, especially while they are not ready to exhibit. Entrepreneurs will have the ability to connect with the right people, vendors and start a new learning experience. Launching during New York’s expo, the impact will be greater than ever.

“IBMG does a great job connecting the next generation of beauty leaders with the resources they need to successfully launch their products.” – Jillian Wright

Keep reading for Q & A and Jillian Wright‘s personal skincare routine.

How was the idea of the Indie Beauty Expo born?

At the time the idea was born, (in 2014) I had developed my own eponymous luxury skincare line, but I was incredibly frustrated with the very limited options available for me to grow and scale my business.

Independent brands were represented in such a small way, no one was really focusing on these brands or developing an event that was really for beauty entrepreneurs. This was an unmet need that my co-founder and I believed had to be addressed.

I was looking for a place that supported a community of brands like mine, brands that were independently-owned, well made, had passionate employees and had a story to tell.

We believed these brands, brands like mine, deserved to have their own show; a show designed in a way that was accessible to emerging brands, but also produced with a quality that would attract the industry’s top buyers, press, media, influencers and investors.

Over time the expo has gotten larger and gained a cult following. How do you recommend visitors navigate the expo so they can get the most out of it?  

I would suggest keeping up with us on social media and subscribing to our emails.  Now with Beauty Independent, BeautyX Summits and Indie Beauty Expos, there are several ways to engage and keep up with indie beauty as a movement.  The brands exhibiting with us are partnering with top retailers and small local shops on a daily basis and we inform our community through these channels.

What standards are used for those looking to exhibit?

First and foremost, you must be independently owned, meaning 50% or more owned by people who directly operate the organization. That doesn’t mean that the company cannot have outside investors, minority investors, people who provide funding and other resources, but the controlling ownership, must be with people who are very much committed to running the organization. A brand also needs to be commercially viable and ready to scale.

Why do you think it is so important to help independent clean brands grow and thrive in today’s beauty market?

Smaller independent brands focus on niches that are either too small or too risky for the very large and very profitable companies like L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, etc, to approach. Simply put, small, emerging brands are willing and able to take risks and innovate faster, they don’t have to deal with all of the “red tape” that comes with being part of a large corporation. I have always wanted to get better made beauty into the hands of many and helping these brands grow and scale is a way we have been able to do that.

These brands benefit from the fact that there has been a shift in the way consumers make their purchasing decisions. More and more customers have been asking about the ingredients that are in their products, whether it’s because they want more organic products or specific ingredients, such as CBD, or just more transparency about where their products come from and how they are made.  

What continues to inspire you about the expo and the educational/networking summits and how do you strive to make them relevant in this fast growing industry?

The brands make the expo exciting.  New beauty is coming on the scene each and every show so no two shows are ever the same.  We are a breeding ground for emerging brands and we support them through our educational and networking summits.  I’m fueled by their energy and their commitment to entrepreneurship and becoming successful. It’s not easy to succeed in this business and you have to be a certain kind of person to go through the trials and tribulations of owning a business and continue on each day.

We are constantly doing our homework and talking to brand founders and other entrepreneurs in the beauty industry to make sure we are discussing the most interesting topics at our summits and answering the questions that are the most important to beauty entrepreneurs. We are so lucky to have been able to call on some of the industry’s most respected names, like Sephora’s Artemis Patrick, Linda Wells and Frédéric Fekkai. With three summits a year, a dedicated thought leadership team and insights from our digital publication Beauty Independent we are constantly evolving and tweaking the curriculum of our summits to be in line with what is the most relevant.

I know you were a clinical aesthetician for many years. What products do you use in your personal routine and can you share any of your beauty secrets?

I never skip my am and pm routine.  I wash my face twice a day, wear eye cream, a serum and moisturizer and SPF.  At night I simplify it with just an eye cream and moisturizer. I exfoliate two times a week. I’m alternating between the Restorsea cleanser and the Vu Skin Cleanser.  It depends if I’m washing my face in the shower or sink. I also love the Restorsea hand cream from their pro line. For my eye cream, retinol serum and moisturizers, I’m using the Vu Skin System which is an affordable brand that works really well.  I always wake up with a glow! I will use this until it is empty. Right now, I’m crushing on Saint Jane lip balm. The colors are gorgeous and the staying power is epic for a gloss. It doesn’t melt. I’m a beauty junkie and try many of the indie brands. My go to foundation is Au Naturale Cosmetics.  It works very well with all skincare lines and it feels like an extension of my skincare routine. It is creamy and hydrating and looks natural. If I need more coverage, Saint Cosmetics is amazing. What can I say, I’m a serial beauty product tester!

5 Steps To Getting a Naturally Healthy Glow This Summer

Main Image: Liz Benn by John Rawlings

Every summer I approach beauty with a new kind of fascination. Many think wintertime is the best time for adventurous beauty, but I believe summer is ideal for playing with your skincare and makeup. Whether it is trying on a brighter eyeshadow or daring to go completely makeup-free, we become a lot more innovative on a hot summer night. This is reflected in what is plucked from the skincare shelves. Face mists and spa-bought body scrubs are a favorite of mine. This summer, I am focusing on healthy skin. While I continue to chase the glow, I will not be getting it from the sun. I chose to get it naturally, safely with tips and tricks of my own.


Where would our skin be without a proper clay mask? Clay masks save our skin when it is overworked and just plain stubborn. The first step towards glowy skin is cleanliness. You might think you need to make time for a mask, but I often put it on and multitask. (Although, I do think we should all grant ourselves at least ten minutes for self-care.) For my summer routine, I entrust my skin to Gabriel de Santino and his natural products. What better way to treat your skin than with a brand that is inspired by the sea. Gabriel’s Sea Clay Purifying Mud Mask pulls out impurities with its mineral-rich clay and soothes your skin with ingredients like seaweed and aloe vera. This product works overtime, treating and healing all at the same time.

Sanitas Brightening Peel Pads


Your very own summer glow is calling, and the best way to obtain is with a peel. Sanitas knows a thing or two about giving your skin the extra oomph it needs. A gentle peel is the quickest way to ensure radiance before you go to that important summer event. While at-home peels are not as strong as in-office ones, remember to wear sunscreen and try to shield from the sun. Sanita’s professional strength Brightening Peel Pads are current go-to. They are top shelf. This product is all about the brightness, toned skin, exfoliation and radiance. There is no down-time or redness. Just a swipe of their peel pad, let it dry and apply the rest of your skincare routine. Once you peel, your makeup will go on a lot more smoothly. You might decide to skip makeup altogether. Don’t forget your neck and décolleté. 


The most refreshing trick to a natural glow is a face mist. While you work your way through the steps of your skincare routine, mist first, mist in the middle and then mist some more. Gabriel Organics Sea Mineral Hydra Mist has me misting all day. This product is a god-send for tired skin. The mist will tone, refresh and hydrate even the most temperamental complexion.

comfort zone Body Strategist Scrub


Treat your body to at-home spa products, like comfort zone. Their professional products are trusted by spas and wellness centers, so you can be sure they work. Get your body polished to perfection with their selection of scrubs. The Body Strategist Scrub is especially effective for getting you summer ready. To get you in the spa mood try using it in combination with a Bump It Off easy to use silicone sleeve. I use these sleeves for everything and anything around my home, but I especially love using it as a gentle skin massager and exfoliator. Combining it with a spa scrub guarantees silky skin.


If you still crave a bit of color, try a subtle glow that will not leave you looking orange. Look for products that moisturize or include other beneficial ingredients, while developing a natural and gradual color. For the body, Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer is an editor favorite. This product has proven itself over and over and continues to be my favorite for the summer.

TAN-LUXE THE FACE Illuminating Self-Tan Drops

Face tanners can be a bit more tricky. Pick one depending on your skin type. These are the top choices for better ingredients and sunless face tanning.

Drunk Elephant’s D-Bronzi™ Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops

THE FACE Illuminating Self-Tan Drops

Coola’s Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum

Kate Somerville/Somerville360 Face Self Tanning Towelettes

Product Highlight: Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 1970 is the Stinkiest Product You’ll Never Give Up

There is a reason your favorite aestheticians and celebrities make a big stink about Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Exfoliants. Inserting one of their pungent exfoliants into your routine delivers consistent and glowing results. Since French skincare is known for its reliability, and this brand has been around for a long time, I had to try it for myself. What I discovered is something I already knew. Biologique Recherche has a tendency to linger in some of the most famous routines for a good reason. The results outweigh the scent. Wonderfully fragrant products are not always the best products. Especially if the fragrance ingredient remains a mystery. Biologique Recherche is a luxury skincare brand that has no need for fancy scents, packaging and fuss. It is “the original” cult classic. Instead they rely on clinical results, science, nature and word of mouth reputation. The individual results and places that covet the brand (such as Rescue Spa) speak for themselves. Rescue Spa is also one of the most reliable place to buy the product. You should be warned that this exfoliant should ideally be prescribed to you by a spa-professional.

I came upon this exfoliating miracle through an aunt who lives by a simple skincare routine. There is a lot that could be said about these famous exfoliants. So far I have only had the chance to try Lotion P50 1970, also known as the original formula. While a bit controversial (it contains phenol), I am an adventurous skincare tester. My next bottle will likely be the Lotion P50, minus the phentol.

Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 1970 proves once again that spa beauty, especially one that you get to take home, makes all the difference. It comes with a stinging sensation, something I am used to with peels. From my understanding, the Lotion P50 1970 is highly recommended for older beauty lovers and those living in highly polluted areas. It is the most effective option and I just decided to go all in.

Using the Product: You should know that it is best to consult with an aesthetician or your dermatologist to figure out the best exfoliant for you. You should also know that this is no lotion. It looks more like a toner. When I started using it my boyfriend thought there was an electrical fire, so I recommend alerting those that live with you. My recommendation is to throw out the cotton ball soon after. Leaving it around or in your bathroom garbage will make the scent linger. With that said, once you get used to it, the scent becomes an afterthought. Since this is more than an exfoliator, I would describe it as a toner, peel and exfoliator in one. Try to be gentle with your skin the first few times you use it.

Apply on your clean face and neck, going upwards. Try to avoid the eye area. Then allow it to dry before applying the next product. Some redness and tingling is normal. If you asked me why you should use it I’d say this. Your epidermis (the top layer of our skin) is constantly working on making new skin cells, replacing the old ones. It works hard on our behalf, but you can help speed up the process towards glowing skin with proper and safe exfoliation. Revealing beautiful and smooth skin are not the only benefits. Your makeup and other skincare products will go on a lot more smoothly. The other benefit is that this product is more like a facial in a bottle. If you lack the time, or the funds for frequent facials, Biologique Recherche exfoliants are a close second. There is no fountain of youth, but this product does come close.

Man Shop, Consigliere, Is the First Shop in NYC Devoted To Men’s Skincare

New York’s beauty industry has had many firsts, but have you ever seen a shop strictly aimed towards men’s skincare? The newly re-branded The Lodge is now Consigliere – a man shop focused on skincare education and beautification of men. A good number of spa boutiques and department stores attempt to reach out to men with their skincare needs, but what they really needed was a shop without all the noise and frills. A shop like this is a first! While we all know a man in need of encouragement from their female partner or skincare savvy friend, New York has always been a city of cosmopolitan men who do enjoy an effective skincare product as much as women.

Consigliere is located in one of the most laid-back and ever-changing neighborhoods. This East Village shopping destination holds well-curated shelves of skincare for all types of routines and some essential accessories. There is a robust selection of natural and Korean beauty, along with hair, shave and beard products. In addition, the owner of Consigliere has formulated an in-house skincare line and it is quite impressive. The beauty industry grows very rapidly and shopping for skincare can be confusing for even the more experienced beauty editor. This shop’s organized minimalism and friendly staff makes skincare exciting and easy to understand. Cultivated stopped in to talk skincare with Consigliere’s owner, Chad Beightol.

You changed the brick and mortar concept of your shop from predominantly men’s leather accessories and some grooming to a grooming and apothecary shop. Was there a pivotal moment when you realized this was a good idea or has this been in the works for some time?  

We’ve been in the accessories and gift business for over 5 years and we’ve always offered men’s grooming products since the day we opened. Our customers are mostly men and they tell us their concerns. We also always ask them about what products and brands they’d like to see in our shop. Over time, more and more of those concerns and requests were related to grooming products and as a team, we realized we could be doing a lot more for these guys than we have been. What we know very well is that every person is different – genetics, skin type, hair thickness, sun sensitivity, lifestyle all vary and due to this, no single brand’s products work for everyone. A good regimen for one guy won’t work for another. We realized that guys had very few options IRL to sample, get advice, and figure out what’s right for them – all of the beauty spaces are really designed to appeal to women. So the idea kind of germinated for awhile before we decided to make this our primary focus in our space.

Our remodeled shop is called Consigliere and it really represents our role as advisors. We can tell you what will work for your skin, what won’t work, what a better styling pomade is, and the right cologne for a date. 

Do you have a personal fondness for skincare and grooming?. What are your favorite products to use? 

My own interest in skincare and grooming has grown immensely over time and I’ve invested a ton of time researching and experimenting. I recently spent time in Korea to understand the innovation happening in beauty and spent time this spring in Bali studying natural skincare with a cosmetic chemist – most of the essential oils used in beauty originate is Southeast Asia, so it was a valuable place to learn.  When I was a teenager, I suffered from acne and used Retinol for many years, so I’ve always been aware of its power as a skin clearer and anti-ager. I’m always trying new things to learn about products and ingredients in skincare, in both women’s and men’s.

My regular regimen involves things we offer: Baxter Shampoo & Conditioner, Ursa Major Face Wash, MIP Project Time Return, Anthony Eye Cream, The Man Shop Clay Scrub, Blind Barber Moisturizer, Salt & Stone Sunscreen. I regularly use our masks based on my need at the time. Sometime it’s a Collagen builder, or it’s hydrating Manuka Honey, or our MIP Gold masks, which are these epic anti-aging ones. I also regularly use brands we don’t sell including The Ordinary’s Vitamin C 23%, Resveratrol + Ferulic Acid, and Retinoid 5%, and Coola Sunscreen.

Who is your typical customer?

Everyone. Our brand line-up is really focused on guys and we’re just as honored to help guys who are starting to figure out what they need as we are to advise men who already have a multi-step regimen.

“Our goal is to get every guy in New York City to at the very least wash their face with a face wash, moisturize, and use a daily sunscreen. These three basic steps can make a big difference over the long term in how the face and skin look and feel healthy. ”

From there, we can help guys solve problems or to develop a preventative, anti-aging regimen.

Did you tap into any market studies or invest in gathering consumer opinion before changing the shop and joining the beauty industry? 

Since we’ve always offered grooming products, we’ve been able to hear first-hand from our direct customers what their opinions are about brands, products, and their needs. While it’s widely known that Men’s Grooming is a rapidly growing category, I don’t worry about the market size, market share, or the dominance of big CPG firms. What I do think about is that we have guys right here, in our home city, that we can serve with free advise and some matchmaking on getting product that works for them. And if we do our job well by putting these guys needs above anything else, then we are happy with that.

How do you decide which brands to bring to the shop? 

We like brands that are the best at what they do and that have great formulas. Each brand we work with has a role in our assortment and we prefer to offer a wide range of a brand’s offer, so long as it works for our guy. Each brand has their specialty – Ursa Major’s focus is naturally-derived ingredients, Anthony’s is high performance skincare laden with Vitamins A, C, E, Japan’s Yu-Be has a legendary history in skin moisturizing – these are just a few examples.  Before a brand is brought in as a partner, we spend a lot of time testing samples and asking our customers what they think of them. And I’m always searching for ingredient-led formulas that we might be missing, so that leads some of our brand search. We also get recommendations directly from our customers and that is usually the most valuable endorsement for a product.

What has been your customer reaction so far? 

The reaction has been great from both regular customers and new ones who are just discovering us. We’re able to offer the convenience of getting all of these brands in one place and testing the products out in person. I think there’s been a perception for a long time that guys aren’t interested in this stuff and that is completely false. We also know that the change of our storefront can be disappointing for some who really liked our previous space and the product focus. We loved it too and we’ll still offer the majority of those products online. 

What is the shop’s main mission and philosophy? 

We want guys to feel their best about how they look. We serve as advisors to help men on that journey. Our shop is judgement-free and a safe place to talk about issues that guys don’t often discuss- whether it’s related to adult acne, dry skin, hair loss, patchy beard growth, shiny skin, relationships, whatever they need. We’re here to help.